About Land Use Research Foundation (LURF):

The Land Use Research Foundation of Hawaii (LURF) was established in 1979 to promote and advance the interests of the development community, particularly in the areas of land use laws and regulations. LURF is a statewide, private, non-profit research and trade association whose members include major Hawaii landowners, developers and a utility company. Over the years, LURF has been a strong voice of reason, working to represent the interests of its membership and at the same time find common ground for the concerns of government, business, and the community. One of LURF's missions is to advocate for reasonable, rational and equitable land use planning, legislation and regulations that encourage well-planned economic growth and development, while safeguarding Hawaii's significant natural and cutlrual resources and public health and safety. LURF accomplishes this through a four-pronged program of Research, Information, Advocacy and Alliances


LURF is governed by an Executive Committee and Board of Directors representing each Member.


The following document provides an overview of the vision, strategic goals, and rules by which LURF is governed.

Government Working Groups:

  • Governor’s Appraisal-Arbitration Wkng. Group - SB 771 (2010)
  • Governor's Affordable Housing Advisory Group
  • State Historic Preservation District Task Force re National Park Services Report
  • State Department of Education - Impact Fees (West Hawaii)
  • State Department of Transportation Statewide Transportation Plan
  • State Department of Transportation Complete Streets Task Force
  • State Department of Transportation Scenic Byways Committee
  • State Department of Transportation Statewide Pedestrian Master Plan Citizen Advisory Committee
  • State Department of Transportation Statewide Long Range Transportation Plan
  • EIS/EA University of Hawaii Study
  • Hawaii Institute for Public Affairs - Infrastructure Project, Phases I & II
  • Hawaii Biofuels Foundation – Technical Advisory Group
  • C&C General Plan Focus Groups (AG, Aff Hsg, Tourism)
  • C&C Mayor's Affordable Housing Advisory Group
  • C&C Sustainable Building Practices Task Force
  • C&C Ewa Traffic Impact Fee Working Group
  • C&C TOD Housing Strategy Grant Focus Group
  • C&C Aiea-Pearl City TOD Advisory Committee
  • Kauai Important Agricultural Lands Stakeholder Group
  • Maui Landowner Group – Maui Island Plan

Member Involvement:

LURF harnesses the creativity and expertise of its broad membership in the development of its policies and programs. Members from all sectors are involved in issues of importance and are called upon in small working groups to address issues that are relevant and timely. LURF also offers a wide range of special interest groups to meet the business needs of the development community through informal and formal alliances with other groups and organizations. Volunteer participation assures LURF's relevancy and success in achieving its mission.

David Arakawa , Executive Director
Phone: 808-521-4717  Fax: 808-536-0132.